Request a Paypal Payment

With Scansfer, you can create a QR code to request a Paypal payment.

Imagine you’re having a yard sale, and you’ve got someone who desperately wants to buy your grandmother’s antique chest for $100, but they only have $20. Do you let it go for $20, or do you ask them if they have a paypal account? With Scansfer, you can enter a few details, and we’ll generate a QR code instantly. Have the other person scan it with their mobile phone, and it will bring up a page where they can log into paypal and send you your payment – right from their phone, no cash needed! Your yard sale is a success, and you’ve gotten rid of that giant old chest that’s been taking up room in the attic.

Maybe you’re selling homemade candles at a craft fair and you can’t afford a credit card processing machine – in addition to putting the price on a tag on each candle, you could also print out the QR code to request payment, making transactions easy, and allowing you to accept credit cards through Paypal.

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